2D & 3D Animation


This is where the Animation will be making its presence felt!

The 2D Animation you will see on this site will be produced with Synfig Studio.
It is a free and open-source 2D animation software. You can read more about it, and download here (opens in a new window) 

Synfig Studio

I am using ®Blender "> Visit W3Schools.com!
as my 3D software of choice.

Also on freeware, we have the awesome looking Animatron. You can read more about Animatron, and download here (opens in a new window)

A very basic 2D Animation can be seen on the left of the screen, which shows weekly hits to this site, and where the hits are generating from


3D Character modelling and rigging 

Blender Essential Training | by Roger Wickes

You can view this entire Blender Essential Training course and more in the lynda.com library.

Another awesome program is 3D Studio Max Tutorials

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