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Chris Adams - Comfortably Numb


Low Poly Scenes

Okay, You are still here, I can tell from the breathing. As you may be able to tell this is the very first Blog I have done for myself. So content-wise I guess I can put just about any thing I want to on here (as long as I credit the Author). I love metal music, and got caught up with Pink Floyd back in 1971, so it seems I have a wide selection to share. I also love animation. I found out very quickly just how easy it was to use, then I found out stuff like stupid gravity, and velocity, and angles, and cell counts and tweens, and so the learning curve goes up another notch or two. Then you find out just how much commercial software costs... It is damned expensive! So, the search was on to find free open-source packages. I didn't really have to look that far... 3D has two contenders, and whilst there are a few of choices for the 2D winner, again after multi - package searching, I have decided on a program named SynFig. I'll let you know how it goes... 

 This short Cane-Toad 3D animation is what I use when I get despondent with my animation. It was made by two Australian guys and submitted to an American Company. The guys both ended up with jobs at that company! 



 by Safari Journal.

This page is going to be somewhat interactive, but if you love music, buttons n' things, you're going to love this mad ride...

DragonMy Dragon Fly

I am a bit of a metal-head, so when I was mucking around on YouTube I came across one of favourite Metallica tracks, One, being played on medieval instruments, I was SO stoked, I had to share it...

 One of the few things I do know is that a static blog is about as interesting as soggy wet toast. Yuck! So this is going to be an Interactive Blog, with buttons, bells, and knobs, which you can ring, turn, or push/pull to keep you interested.

Now, I may be a tad warped, but I find this to be hilariously funny...


Being a country-born and bred sort of guy, I have always had a love of all things country ~ including our Heritage. We are rapidly becoming a multicultural country and, although I have no qualms about this, the Big Drought we have been, and still are, going through has left a lot of deserted farmhouses, sheds, windmills & water tanks. I hope to capture as many as I can in the time I have left, whilst I can still drive. I know of 8 locations within an hour's driving from home which are veritable "goldmines" with multiple abandoned buildings on them. 



 Pink Floyd - Time...









 I have been listening to Pink Floyd since I was 10, so as you can imagine, they will be making their presence felt wherever, and whenever I want :) Oh, the power, THE POWER. It has gone to my head.




Street Photography is becoming a part of my repertoire... Now that I am back in relative civilization after my haitus into a god-forsaken rock farm in the middle of an awesome place called Moormbool in country Victoria... do street photography there, and you would consider yourself lucky if an emu, or a wallaby made it into the viewfinder.

Blurred Image

I am hoping to open a new page called Project 365 which will help to facilitate this desire of mine.

365 days in the year; many more places than that to photograph... Let's see if I can make the distance. I'm becoming more and more mobile each day, but I STILL have to remind myself NOT to over do it; overdoing it being anything above a 3 kilometer walk.Okay, after a massive fall a couple of months back, I am now struggling to make over 1 kilometer per walk. At the moment, I am aiming to slowly increase my distance by Christmas, then I am out of here... abandoned houses, sheds, and outhouses here I come!!! WOO HOO!


free and open-source

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